analysis-1841158_1920Payperclick (PPC) is a high quality form of advertising that allows you to market your business specifically to the type of people that are searching for your services.

There are many benefits to using PPC. When you use convention advertising methods like billboard, radio, print media advertising, tv, etc., it becomes difficult to know which advertising campaigns are working, or which ads are performing better than others. Moreover, you do not know where your visitors are coming from, or which ads resulted in the most highly qualified leads. One the best benefits of using Payperclick advertising is that you only pay when a person actively clicks on your ad. Compare this to other media advertising where you are paying whether a person sees your ad or not, and you will quickly notice the difference in both your budget and your business’ success.

Presently, the most popular payperclick network is Google Adwords, which many business prefer because of the high traffic and attention that Google receives on a daily basis. It works in 3 basic steps. Step one, people search on google through keywords. Step 2, if they used a keyword that you also used in your ad, then your ad will appear the side of, or above the search results. Step 3, the person clicks on your ad, visits your website for interest in your services, and you pay. In this case, the keywords you select for your ads must be high quality keywords. Finding these keywords and using them becomes a whole other challenge in itself. It is important to that other advertising networks also receive much traffic, and are highly desirable. When used in combination with Google Adwords, you may see double the results.

When you are ready to get started, don’t be fooled by how simple it all sounds. A lot of extra (behind the scenes) work goes into the research and management of payperclick campaigns. Setting up an advertising campaign, and managing it can cause you a great deal of stress, especially if you are quite unfamiliar with the territory. In this case,, offers you the best solution. In our service package we will not only create your campaign and the text ads to go with it, but we also manage your entire campaign from start to finish. You receive monthly reports on your campaign’s progress, detailing the rank of your chosen keywords, along with successes and failures of the campaign. We are also there for you if you ever have any questions or concerns any time during the run of your campaign.

For an advertising solution that actually makes a difference, PPC Campaign is your top choice!